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A Stunning June Cantigny Wedding | Melissa + Paul

Jun 23, 2023

June Cantigny Wedding

Melissa and Paul’s stunning June Cantigny wedding fell on one of the longest days of the year! What a dream, to get married on a day with the most sunlight hours! And we definitely made the most of it! Melissa and Paul’s timeline was a perfect example of what a wedding day can look like when there’s plenty of portrait time allotted and extra cushion time built in, just in case it’s needed (*hint* it’s aways needed!). The whole day felt easy and unrushed and just lovely! Cantigny’s rose garden was in full bloom, and as we wandered around the grounds, Melissa and Paul were able to just savor the beautiful fact that they were married, before heading off to their incredible reception!

One of my favorite things about Melissa and Paul is that they are just so sweetly in love with each other. Paul was one of the most involved grooms that we’ve ever worked with, and Melissa was such a kind, lovely dream of a bride! It was just the best, watching the two of them together! From their first look, to their meaningful ceremony, to their Cantigny reception filled with traditional Polish elements (including a live traditional Polish band!), their June Cantigny wedding was memorable from beginning to end. We are so thankful Melissa and Paul invited us into their lives for their wedding day! What an honor it was to capture such a beautiful day. Enjoy these highlights from their beautiful June Cantigny wedding!

Photography | Sherah Grose

Venue | Cantigny

Hair | Kate K. Beauty

Makeup | One Salon and Bridal

Gown | Elizabeth Lee / Here Comes the Bride

Florals | Floral Wonders

DJ | Tony Ho / Sounds Abound

Video | Fox & Ivory

Cake | DeEtta’s Bakery

Entertainment | Polish Live Band

View their engagement session here!

2023-06-23_0007.jpg June Cantigny Wedding
2023-06-23_0004.jpg 2023-06-23_0005.jpg 2023-06-23_0006.jpg 2023-06-23_0003.jpg 2023-06-23_0008.jpg 2023-06-23_0011.jpg 2023-06-23_0010.jpg 2023-06-23_0014.jpg 2023-06-23_0015.jpg 2023-06-23_0016.jpg 2023-06-23_0017.jpg 2023-06-23_0019.jpg 2023-06-23_0018.jpg 2023-06-23_0020.jpg 2023-06-23_0021.jpg 2023-06-23_0022.jpg 2023-06-23_0023.jpg 2023-06-23_0024.jpg 2023-06-23_0025.jpg June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding
June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding 2023-06-23_0031.jpg 2023-06-23_0080.jpg June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding June Cantigny Wedding 2023-06-23_0041.jpg 2023-06-23_0035.jpg 2023-06-23_0046.jpg 2023-06-23_0043.jpg 2023-06-23_0042.jpg 2023-06-23_0047.jpg 2023-06-23_0048.jpg 2023-06-23_0050.jpg 2023-06-23_0049.jpg 2023-06-23_0051.jpg 2023-06-23_0053.jpg 2023-06-23_0052.jpg 2023-06-23_0054.jpg 2023-06-23_0057.jpg 2023-06-23_0055.jpg 2023-06-23_0056.jpg 2023-06-23_0059.jpg 2023-06-23_0060.jpg 2023-06-23_0061.jpg 2023-06-23_0062.jpg 2023-06-23_0064.jpg 2023-06-23_0065.jpg 2023-06-23_0063.jpg 2023-06-23_0066.jpg 2023-06-23_0067.jpg 2023-06-23_0068.jpg 2023-06-23_0072.jpg 2023-06-23_0069.jpg 2023-06-23_0070.jpg 2023-06-23_0074.jpg 2023-06-23_0073.jpg 2023-06-23_0071.jpg 2023-06-23_0076.jpg 2023-06-23_0077.jpg 2023-06-23_0075.jpg 2023-06-23_0078.jpg 2023-06-23_0079.jpg


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