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Hi there! Welcome to the place where I write about stunning weddings, beautiful families, and my own journey. So glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Sherah!

Rachael + Blake | Downtown Wheaton

Jul 29, 2020


I first connected with Rachael — the incredible photographer behind Rachael Watson Photography — through a random Facebook message from her! We were both taking a year-long business course together with photographers from around the world, and she took the initiative and reached out to find fellow photographers in the Chicago area who were willing to meet up! She scheduled a get-together in late Fall of 2019 with several of us, but on the night of our meeting, something came up for every other person but her and I! So we sat one-on-one in Panera, just chatting about business and life! I walked away knowing I had met someone who wasn’t just a smart, talented business owner and entrepreneur, but also just an all-around incredible and kind person! One of my very favorite things about this job is the community of other photographers I’ve found who are encouraging and supportive to each other, and Rachael is right there at the top of the list!

We’ve stayed in touch (I love following her Instagram account!), and last week I had the delight of walking around downtown Wheaton with Rachael and her husband, Blake! Wheaton is their hometown, and it’s also the town Marty and I lived in when we first got married! So it was fun for me to wander the alleys and streets again, finding beautiful light on a gorgeous summer night! These two are GREAT, and they both had me laughing the entire time! Check out my favorites: Rachael on Blake’s shoulders (so impressive!), their perfect “dip and kiss” skills (!!), and that sweet black and white photo filled with so much love, right at the end 🙂

Go check out Rachael’s blog, follow her on Instagram, like her Facebook page!! She’s got a bright, crisp, clean, beautiful style that I just love, and all her clients rave about her! Rachael and Blake, I’m so glad we’re friends!! See you soon!!!


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