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Goodbye, Beautiful 2019!

Dec 17, 2019


Wow, what a year! Maybe it’s a little early for end-of-the-year reflections (we haven’t even hit Christmas yet!), but 2019 was a game-changer in so many ways! There were so many unexpected surprises (and curveballs!), and I’m grateful for the lessons I learned, and the ones I’m still learning. We shot a whole bunch of weddings this year for the most incredible people, and we feel blessed beyond anything that we get to keep doing this in 2020. What a joyful, crazy, wonderful thing, to get to take someone’s wedding photos. It’s the absolute best.

In the next few weeks, I’m planning on reflecting a bit more about what I loved about the year, and what I hope to change moving forward. I’m just the worst at remembering favorite things or memories or events, but I CAN tell you my favorite reads of 2019: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (fiction), The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (nonfiction). They’re both fantastic! (Always, always, I’ll have a book recommendation for you 😉

I take that back, though, because one of my all-time favorite moments of 2019 happened just tonight. We were in the kitchen after dinner, and Michael Buble’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” came on. Our 3-year-old Lily grabbed Marty’s hands and said, “Come on daddy, dance with me like a wedding!” They twirled around the kitchen, and I videoed it with my iPhone and cried like a baby, just like I do at all of our couples’ weddings during the parent dances (!!!), because I just know that we’ll blink and it’ll be our Lily, dancing with Marty at her own wedding. And the video I took tonight will replay in my head like my own private movie showing — Lily in her Christmas PJ’s and fuzzy bedhead and pale pink nailpolish, twirling barefoot with her daddy across the wood floor, Christmas lights twinkling in the background.

My heart and soul need a short rest from the beautiful world of social media for a few weeks, so you won’t see me on here, Instagram, or Facebook until 2020! I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas and ringing in the New Year with some of my favorite people in the world, and I’ve got some fun things to take care of on the business side of things over here (PSST: an exciting rebrand is in the very near future for Sherah G Photography, and I’m so excited to tell you more about it!!). SO!!! Have a wonderful, beautiful, magical Christmas, and I’ll see you all on January 1st, ready to take on 2020!


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