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david + nina | Earle Brown Heritage Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Sep 28, 2016

Driving down 694 our way to David and Nina’s wedding in Minneapolis, I pulled out the wedding questionnaire that I send to all my couples, just to re-read their responses. For the question, “What does your perfect date night look like?” David and Nina’s written answer described not just a night, but an entire day’s worth of a date, involving things like coffee, a movie, happy hour sushi, and Super Nintendo. I read it out loud to Marty, and he laughed as we pulled up to their venue: “This is going to be fun.”

FUN would be how I’d describe David and Nina from top to bottom! These two have giant-sized personalities, and hearts that match! They’re hilarious, up for anything, and just over-the-top in love with each other. We had so much fun with them, their bridal party, family, and friends. (BONUS: Becca — Nina’s friend and one of our former brides — was one of the officiants! So much fun to see her and Nate again!)

Favorite part of the day? Instead of clinking glasses at the reception, David and Nina had a microphone set up next to their sweetheart table. Anyone who wanted the to kiss had to come up and share a story… and once the stories started, they didn’t stop. We were dying laughing as everyone told story after story about the bride and groom — these two are people you just want to hang around, because they make life better (and more entertaining, and definitely spicier!) for everyone around them!

The Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis provided a perfect backdrop for their wedding day. The grounds were beautiful, the staff was wonderful, and the WEATHER… perfect temperature, gently overcast, and that golden-hour hazy sunset glow, just as Nina’s parents walked her down the aisle.


  1. Ed & Julie says:

    Beautiful wedding Sherah & Marty!!
    You captured it❤️

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