Our Family


Meet Our Family!




Lead photographer, dreamer, writer, lover of coffee, lists, and flowers


Business manager, second shooter, enthusiast, optimist, tech guru

The Fam

Charlie, 10 | tenderhearted, creative

Josh, 7 | courageous, hilarious

Lily, 4 | passionate, delightful

The five of us live in the suburbs of Chicago, and love it because of the access we have to both world-class institutions (museums! art! FOOD!) and beautiful forest preserves, lakes, and hiking trails! The winter is a bit long, but the weather during May through October definitely makes up for it! Photography is part of the life of our family. I love documenting our simple, glory-filled days, because I believe it’s all of the tiny moments that add up to something beautiful. We’re passionate about hospitality, loving our neighbors, and spending time outside! We have a fluffy, hilarious dog named Winston who hates grass and loves laying on our couch, peering out the window to alert us if the UPS driver is walking up the driveway (which happens often around here 😉 We believe that life is a gift from God, and we want to live it fully!!