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A Gibson’s Oak Brook Wedding | Mike + Amanda

Jun 8, 2022

Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding Details Where do I start with Mike and Amanda?! Their story is so sweet and beautiful, and these two are absolutely wonderful! They met each other as kids and were friends for forever… before realizing that maybe there was something more than just friendship between them! I love how well these two know each other, how excited they are to be MARRIED (!!), and how much fun they have together! These two have an amazing sense of style, coupled with generous hearts! Marty and I loved getting to know their family and friends throughout their wedding day! What an amazing group of people! It was truly an honor and joy to be a part of Mike and Amanda’s beautiful wedding day. After well over a year of careful planning and attention to detail, Mike and Amanda were married at beautiful St. Isaac Jogues in Hinsdale, and then celebrated with a classy, timeless reception at Gibsons Oak Brook. I loved all of the care and thought that went into their wedding day! From Amanda’s stunning Loeffler Randall bridal shoes, to the tiny pops of color throughout the day that accented their creamy neutral details, everything was amazing! I also need to mention Mike’s custom jacket from ESQ: he had a portrait from their engagement session screen printed onto the silk lining of the jacket, along with a handwritten note from Amanda, embroidered onto the inner pocket! I’ve never seen anything like that before!! WOW. Enjoy these highlights from Mike and Amanda’s timeless wedding day! Chicago wedding invitation suite 2022-06-08_0005.jpg 2022-06-08_0006.jpg 2022-06-08_0004.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding details 2022-06-08_0003.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0010.jpg 2022-06-08_0008.jpg 2022-06-08_0017.jpg 2022-06-08_0018.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0024.jpg 2022-06-08_0021.jpg 2022-06-08_0023.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0022.jpg 2022-06-08_0025.jpg 2022-06-08_0026.jpg 2022-06-08_0027.jpg 2022-06-08_0028.jpg 2022-06-08_0011.jpg 2022-06-08_0012.jpg 2022-06-08_0013.jpg 2022-06-08_0014.jpg 2022-06-08_0015.jpg 2022-06-08_0016.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0030.jpg 2022-06-08_0031.jpg 2022-06-08_0033.jpg 2022-06-08_0034.jpg 2022-06-08_0035.jpg 2022-06-08_0036.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0038.jpg 2022-06-08_0039.jpg 2022-06-08_0040.jpg 2022-06-08_0041.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0043.jpg 2022-06-08_0044.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0047.jpg 2022-06-08_0045.jpg 2022-06-08_0046.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0049.jpg 2022-06-08_0052.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0054.jpg 2022-06-08_0053.jpg 2022-06-08_0055.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0056.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0057.jpg 2022-06-08_0060.jpg 2022-06-08_0061.jpg 2022-06-08_0063.jpg 2022-06-08_0065.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0067.jpg 2022-06-08_0068.jpg 2022-06-08_0070.jpg 2022-06-08_0069.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0072.jpg 2022-06-08_0073.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0075.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0076.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0079.jpg 2022-06-08_0082.jpg 2022-06-08_0083.jpg 2022-06-08_0088.jpg 2022-06-08_0084.jpg 2022-06-08_0085.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0090.jpg 2022-06-08_0089.jpg 2022-06-08_0092.jpg 2022-06-08_0091.jpg 2022-06-08_0093.jpg 2022-06-08_0094.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0096.jpg 2022-06-08_0100.jpg 2022-06-08_0097.jpg 2022-06-08_0099.jpg 2022-06-08_0101.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0098.jpg 2022-06-08_0103.jpg 2022-06-08_0106.jpg 2022-06-08_0105.jpg 2022-06-08_0110.jpg 2022-06-08_0111.jpg Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding Gibsons Oak Brook Wedding 2022-06-08_0107.jpg 2022-06-08_0112.jpg

Photographer | Sherah Grose

Venue | Gibsons Oak Brook

Hotel | Oak Brook Hills Resort

Florals | Shamrock Garden Florist

Hair + Makeup | Patty McGuire

DJ | Impulse Entertainment

Transportation | Signature Transportation Group

Videographer | Anchored Films

Groom Attire | ESQ

Bridal Boutique | Martellens

Gown | Stella York

Artwork | Saguaro Haus

Coordinating | Denise Palaci


  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t say it better….Mike and Amanda’s story and Wedding is so heartfelt! They are an amazing couple with big hearts and a life of love to share!! Thank you for putting this together it’s priceless!

  2. Jane Martin says:

    Oh how proud Vito must be I wish you both all the love and happiness you deserve 💜

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